Friday, January 25, 2013

The naked runway: The most outrageous non-clothing fashion designs

Zahia Dehar

We thought fashion shows were about fashion, but these models are straight up naked! Check out the most ridiculous non-clothing designs to ever hit the runway ...

Alexandre Vauthier

Peek-a-boob! Alexandre Vauthier's Paris fashion show went for the shock value with models exposing their chests and some major skin on the runway.

Atsuko Kudo

At Lingerie London, racy designs rule the catwalk. British top models and socialites were in attendance for the hottest fashion shows around which included presentations by latex label Atsuko Kudo and British label Agent Provocateur. Check out more sexy lingerie designs straight from London ...

Sarah Harding for Agent Provocacteur

Sarah Harding walks the runway for Agent Provocateur, a British lingerie label, on Oct. 24, 2012. We definitely know where the label's "provocative" name comes from.

Atsuko Kudo

Latex label Atsuko Kudo put on another sexy show on Oct. 24, 2012 at Lingerie London. Models walked the catwalk in full figure-hugging and see-through designs.

Fatima Lopes

Apparently we can expect tiny scraps of fabric to pass as clothing next season. Portuguese designer Fatima Lopes took "ready-to-wear" to a whole new extreme with this barely-there ensemble, which she showed off during her spring/summer runway show at Paris Fashion Week on Sept. 25, 2012.

Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar isn't exactly a blushing bride. The risque designer, known for sending scantily-clad models down the runway, wore a completely see-through lace gown at her fall/winter haute couture fashion show in Paris on July 2, 2012.

Zahia Dehar

Honestly, what's the point of even sending clothing down the runway? Always one to push the envelope, designer Zahia Dehar dressed her models up in carefully placed sequins and called it "fashion" during her fall/winter haute couture show in Paris on July 2, 2012.

Zahia Dehar

Talk about red hot. Two models heat up the catwalk in itty bitty pieces from the Zahia Dehar haute couture collection on July 2, 2012.

Zahia Dehar

Haute couture, or haute mess? A model shows off one of Zahia Dehar's racy creations at Paris Fashion Week on July 2, 2012.

Victoria's Secret

Liu Wen rocks a sheer onesie at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. To be fair, it does have more coverage than the company's usual designs.

John Galliano

You could draw this John Galliano outfit on with black Sharpie and you'd get more coverage.

Kaviar Gauche

Here comes the half-naked bride! And you were worried your mother wouldn't approve of her. A model presents a "dress" by Berlin-based label Kaviar Gauche.

Manish Arora

Good thing that model is wearing bright green eyeshadow, otherwise we'd all be staring directly at her chest. Hey, it's not our fault - the Manish Arora piece points directly at her breasts!


Sure, a sheer raincoat can totally be a dress. Why not?

Robert Cary-Williams

Look what the fisherman caught! A threadbare net full of model! A model hits the runway at the Robert Cary-Williams fashion show.

Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar, a former French Moroccan underage prostitute, shows off a piece from her new lingerie line inspired by Kleenex during her couture presentation on Jan. 25, 2012.

Zahia Dehar

Another Dehar creation appears to be a very unwrapped present.

Eymeric Francois

When your Eymeric Francois lace dress is completely sheer, you're supposed to leave the coat on in public, dear.


That fisherman sure got a catch this morning!

John Richmond

This John Richmond number is a perfect example of why you're not supposed to pull at the loose thread in your dress.

Zahia Dehar

Sometimes wrapping yourself in a decorative scarf just doesn't cut it as acceptable clothing. Then again, anything goes at the Zahia Dehar show in Paris.

Alexander McQueen

That Alexander McQueen model may want to rotate her fur collar a few inches to the left.

Chris Aire

That Chris Aire Spring 2006 chain mail isn't going to protect model May Andersen too well if she ever goes to battle.


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